IRIS  -  The InfraRed  Intellibox  System

Direct control for up to 4 selected locomotive addresses
Address range 1-9999
Supports locomotive decoder functions F1-F8, and F9-F12 with Intellibox Software v2.0
Turnout and signal control for addresses 1-2048
Activate routes previously stored in the Intellibox
Supports all decoder/motor configurations (e.g., 14-, 28- and 128-step)
Works on 4 different channels; i.e., 4 simultaneous transmitters
Receiver can be attached via a 15' cable to the Intellibox
Your Intellibox is already infrared capable

From the very beginning, the Intellibox has been "Infrared capable". Now you can conveniently operate your digitized locomotives with "IRIS", the infrared Intellibox control.  Solenoid (switches and signals) and route control (for Intelliboxes with this capability) is also supported. The system is designed for indoor locations; the range of the transmitter is 10m (33').

The IRIS hand-held transmitter (pictured here) can be easily programmed to control any 4 locomotive addresses simultaneously. You can then quickly switch among these locomotives for immediate control of speed, lights, functions, etc.

The IRIS receiver connects to the Intellibox via the Lokmaus port, and attaches via a 5m (15') cable anywhere in the vicinity. For larger layouts, additional receivers (up to a total of 3) can be connected at the same time by use of a "Y-cable" attached to the first receiver.

The IRIS system supports up to 4 different channels, making it possible to have 4 transmitters (controlling a total of 4 locomotives), operating on your layout simultaneously!

The IRIS set contains a remote receiver, one transmitter, 2 batteries and an update disk for the system software of the Intellibox.


Description Sugg. List Price    
#66 500 IRIS set 98    
#66 510 IRIS remote controller 53    
#66 520  IRIS receiver & "Y" cable 49    

Download the English version of the IRIS manual

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