Toy Fair 2010

The new Re 6/6 Swiss Electric Locomotive 37321
This wasn't made in 2009 as we had hoped, but it WILL be produced this year!

But the item that unquestionably got the most attention, naturally,
was the new TGV train set 37790:

Of course, the other real "hit" of the show were the new SBB items, particularly
the "Bavaria" train set 26557 and the new Re 4/4 Electric Locomotive 37044:

The new "Adler", commemorating the re-building of the original
destroyed in the DB Museum Fire.
This will be available in HO (both as Marklin 26351 and Trix) and 1-Scale models:

The new era 232 "Ludmilla" with "DB" logo in the old (DR paint scheme) as model 36424:

A new, Era I "peat" style locomotive 37977 and a great 5-car set T24104 to go with it!

Here's a really great looking freight car set 46094
This is an MHI item for the first quarter and will be difficult to get;
please order it immediately to be sure you'll get it.

The new DB Class 45 Steam Locomotive 37453 is sure to be a very popular item:

Probably the most fascinating item is the new BR 491 "Glasener Zug" Electric Rail Car 37580:

And, of course, everyone remembers the famous "Rail Zeppelin" 37777.
This will be the first model with a smooth-running, high-efficiency motor.
(Of course your old model can be easily updated as well.)

The new Mannesmann "Pipe Train" 26558 and
the 46921 add-on sets received a lot of attention at the show:

This 2-locomotive OBB (Austrian) set is one of the most interesting "Export" items this year 37417:

Here we see the new 37010 Class 110.3 Electric locomotive pulling some 47026 cars with wood loads.
Below you can see several of the steel roll cars from the "Stahlzug" set 26560:

And here is the complete "Stahlzug" (steel train) set 26560
With a brand new "DB Cargo" diesel locomotive:

Here is the latest Taurus "Dispolok: E64 Electric Locomotive 39837:

And, finally, some of this year's new 4MFOR Military cars and vehicles:

OK, you've been waiting for more than a year.  Here it is...
available (I'm told in just a few weeks...
The NEW (and very cool) Mobile Station 60653:

It's about the same size as the "old" Mobile Station...
Very easy to old in your hands, with a great backlit display...
A closeup here shows the great display; the 8 buttons give you ready access
to functions F1-F8. Now, a simple press of the "SHIFT" key, and...
Now you have access to functions F9-F16.
You now have complete access to ALL the functions on your "mfx" locomotives!
There are SO many different ways to display icons for the various accessories.
Even in the "accessory" screen, you still have contol of your locomotives!
The various setup and configuration screens are all simple
and easy to read and use.
In this example, accessories 1-9 (1 and 2 shown here)
are signals, with easy-to-identify icons for their status...
Here, accessories 3 and 4 are displayed...
It is easy to quickly rotate among the various accessories.
Here, signals 8 and 9 are displayed.
Here we have a right-handed turnout (#20) and a 3-way turnout (#21-22).
Again, the images are very easy to understand.

The new "Connect 6021" allows you to connect your older
 Marklin Digital equipment to the new Central Station 60213 / 60214:

OK, you'll want to turn your head a bit to the right here, but you can get a pretty good idea...
Here you have all the old Marklin Digital connected (and working) nicely together with
both the old and new Mobile Stations, the CS1 and two CS2's.  All the pieces are now
wonderfully coordinated to work well with each other in just about any setup imaginable.

The huge Marklin layout is everyone's favorite at the Toy Fair!

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