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Note: Prices indicated as "Pre-order Price" are valid only for orders placed before
March 15, 2006. For orders after that date, the higher price (if shown) will prevail.
(E) Export Items generally only available for one year -- limited availability
(EX) Exclusive Available only by subscription -- very limited availability
(L) Limited production One-year only runs; often sold out early in the year
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Note: items designated by part numbers beginning with the letter 'T'

71421 - Brown Sockets
Price: $ 1.67

Brown Sockets

A package comes with 10 pieces. These sockets can be used with the standard plugs and sockets from the 71400 assortment.

These plugs and sockets cannot be used with the earlier versions (package, item no. 7130). The sockets will fit as plugs with some limitations into the sockets on the older versions of control boxes. The control components and decoders in the current Marklin program have been changed to the new standard for plugs and sockets.

71422 - Yellow Sockets
Price: $ 1.67

Yellow Sockets

71423 - Green Sockets
Price: $ 1.67

Green Sockets

71424 - Orange Sockets
Price: $ 1.67

Orange Sockets

71425 - Red Sockets
Price: $ 1.67

Red Sockets

71426 - Gray Sockets
Price: $ 1.67

Gray Sockets

72020 - Current-Conducting Close Coupler that Can Be Uncoupled
Price: $ 6.89

Current-Conducting Close Coupler that Can Be Uncoupled

This coupler is for a close-coupled connection between cars with single-conductor current transmission. It can be used in the close coupler pocket for all modern 26.4 cm / 10-3/8” and 27 cm / 10-5/8” long Marklin H0 cars with a guide mechanism. This means that a single pickup shoe will be enough for a consist of lighted cars. In addition to two current-conducting close couplers, each set also has the hardware for current transmission through the guide mechanism as well as the terminal clips for the interior lighting wire for one car. Each package has 2 current-conducting close couplers and the hardware for the current transmission to convert a car. Installation instructions are included.

The 72020 current-conducting coupler, which can be uncoupled, is an alternative or conversion option for the current-conducting rigid coupler drawbars in the 7319 conversion set.

72442 - Braking Module
Price: $ 55.77

Braking Module

Signal mechanism with integrated circuits for controlled stopping of digital locomotives with high-efficiency propulsion. This module has connections for a two-aspect color light signal, for the 3 necessary lengths of track for controlled stopping of a locomotive. The braking module is operated either with a k 83 decoder or with a 7272/72720 conventional control box. Dimensions 100 x 54 x 22 mm / 3-15/16" x 2-1/8" x 7/8". The braking module requires 3 electrically isolated lengths of track in the signal area. The first part is a transition area, which corresponds to the length of a ski-shaped pickup shoe (approx. 70 - 90 mm / 3" – 4"). The second length of track is the actual braking area, in which the locomotive comes to a controlled stop. The length of the braking area is determined by the brake delay setting on the locomotive’s decoder. This second length of track should be at least 40 - 50 cm / 16" – 20". The third length of track is a safety section, in which the operating voltage is turned off as in standard signal blocks. This prevents the locomotive from “running through” the signal block unintentionally. The braking module can be used for color light and for semaphore signals. Locomotives with built-in digital or Delta electronic circuits without a control feature sometimes come to a stop in the braking section or even in the safety section. We cannot tell you exactly how each of these locomotives will behave. We therefore do not recommend using the 72442 braking module with locomotive decoders that do not have a control feature.

All of the connections use the new plugs. This brake module works the same as the 72441 brake module.

78050 - “Relief Train” Theme Extension Set  DB - Germany
Price: $ 53.66

“Relief Train” Theme Extension Set

Prototype: Standard design tank car and low side car.

Model: This set includes railroad and street models as well as C Track to expand a layout with a fire department theme. Contents: Track – 1 no. 24611 left turnout, 1 no. 24172 straight track, 1 no. 24130 curved track, 1 no. 24977 track bumper. Rolling stock – 1 two-axle tank car for fire extinguishing foam, 1 low side car with trucks. 2 automobile models – a VW Tourareg lettered ”Polizei” (”Police”) and a Mercedes Sprinter lettered ”Rotes Kreuz” (”Red Cross”). Length of the freight car set over the buffers 27.9 cm.

This extension set goes well with the 29751 fire department starter set.

78055 - “Commuter Passenger Service” Theme Extension Set  DB - Germany
Price: $ 85.21

“Commuter Passenger Service” Theme Extension Set

Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) bi-level commuter car, 2nd class. Mercedes ”Travego” bus model.

Model: Expand your layout with commuter cars with more C Track. Contents: Track – 1 no. 24671 left curved turnout, 1 no 24672 right curved turnout, 3 no. 24172 straight track, 3 no. 24188 straight track, 2 no. 24130 curved track. 1 bi-level commuter car. 1 Mercedes Travego bus lettered. 1 sound effects circuit with station announcements. Illustrated wiring diagram. Length over the buffers for the bi-level car 26.8 cm.

  • Lively commuter passenger service in model railroading.
  • Very realistic linkage of rail and road transportation.
  • Expanding your layout with track to form a passing siding.
  • Station announcements with a sound effects circuit.
This extension set goes well with the 29475 Regional Express starter set.

78056 - “Long Distance Passenger Service” Theme Extension Set  DB - Germany
Price: $ 85.21

“Long Distance Passenger Service” Theme Extension Set

Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG) ICE 2 intermediate car.

Model: Greatly extend your main line C Track and add to your train with an ICE 2 intermediate car. Contents: Track – 24 no. 24188 straight C Track. Rolling stock – 1 ICE 2 intermediate car. 1 adapter cable for connecting a second Mobile Station or for connecting two starter sets with Mobile Stations together for joint play. 1 sound effects circuit with station announcements. Illustrated wiring diagram. Length 26.4 cm.

  • Modern high speed passenger service in model railroading.
  • Track to greatly expand your main line.
  • Station announcements with a sound effects circuit.
This extension set goes well with the 29790 ICE 2 starter set.