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                RAIL & WHEEL CLEANERS


 HO / OO / Sn3 (Model D30 Series)

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Minimum Curve Radius

< 12 Inches

< 304 Millimeters

< 87 HO Scale Feet

< 26.5 HO Scale Meter

Wheel Base

2.65 Inches

67.3 Millimeters

HO Scale 19 Ft. 2 7/8In.

HO Scale 5.863 Meters

Frame Length

4.0 Inches

101.6 Millimeters

HO Scale 29 Ft. 3/8 In.

HO Scale 8.85 Meters

Frame Width

1.3 Inches

33.0 Millimeters

HO Scale 9 Ft. 5 Ľ In.

HO Scale 2.876 Meters

Frame Material

Die-Cast Zinc (Zamak 3)

Frame Finish

Electrostatic Epoxy (E-Coat) Black

Weight with Trucks

4.1 Ounces 116 Grams

Roller Material

Solid Yellow Brass - Diamond Knurled on Outside Diameter

Roller Weight

1.6 Ounces 45 Grams

Roller Covers

Standard Handi-Wipes® Absorbent Cloth - Package of 10 is Included

Trucks/Couplers Model D30

Proto 2000® Freight Trucks with Accumate® Frame-Mount Knuckle Couplers

Trucks/Couplers Model D32

Kadee® #500 Freight Trucks with Kadee® #5 Frame-Mount Knuckle Couplers

Trucks/Couplers Model D34

Proto 2000® Trucks / NEM 362 Frame-Mount Coupler Pockets for Snap-In Euro Couplers

Trucks/Couplers Model D35

märklín® 4-Wheel Freight Trucks with attached Couplers and AC Wheelsets

Trucks/Couplers Model D36

4-Wheel Bogie Trucks with British Hornby® style OO-Scale Tension-Lock Couplers

Trucks/Couplers Model D39

PBL® Sn3-Scale Archbar Trucks and Kadee® #5 Frame-Mount Knuckle Couplers

NOTE - Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

    Side View   

End View   

The frame is designed to accept standard frame-mounted couplers. The coupler mounting holes are drilled and tapped and the #2-56 mounting screws are included, on appropriate models.

The frame is also designed to accept almost any short car body shell (home-made or commercial) with an inside width of about 1.21 Inch to 1.25 Inch (30.7 to 31.7 millimeters) and an inside length of about 3.91 Inches to 3.95 Inches (99.3 to 100.3 millimeters).

This allows the Rail and Wheel Cleaner to match the realism of the other cars on the layout.

Once again, this model series follows the Centerline Products, Inc. standard of simple, reliable, non-abrasive and very efficient rail and wheel cleaning using the patented principle of an absorbent "Limited Slip Roller".

Centerline information page       Information on Dirty Track & cleaning

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