The Multi-protocol Digital system
for Motorola, Selectrix and DCC

R oute  C ontrol

with the "IB"

Route control ("fahrstrassensteuerung")
 with the Intellibox

Below is the English version of instructions for the new "MEMO mode" (aka "Memory mode").  Please note that is feature is available to IB's purchased with software version 1.2.0 or later, or for older IB's that were upgraded by purchasing additional software.

With the new "Memory mode" (also called "MEMO mode" - you can activate (switch) up to 48 routes. Only manual activation is supported; at this time, it is not possible to activate routes through feedback contacts.

The "Route control" upgrade (aka "Memory upgrade" or "MEMO mode upgrade") adds a new mode to the IB. That mode is placed between the "Keyboard" and "s88 monitor" modes on the IB. It is herein referred to as "MEMO mode".

While in MEMO mode, the middle area of the LCD of the IB shows the word "MEMO" on the first row and "Gr.X" on the second row. "Gr." stands for "Group", while the "X" would be a value from 1 to 3. In fact, there are 3 groups in the MEMO mode. Each group includes up to 16 routes, providing a total of 48 (3 x 16) addressable routes.

Each route may be manually activated (no automatic activation is supported) by pressing one of the "middle area" keys of the IB. Each route includes up to 10 "steps". Each step can also be a "jump" (not a "call") to another route (eventually part of a different group). Such an eventual "jump" shall automatically become the last step of that route. For each (non-jump) step, you can specify the address of the "turnout" which is to be switched - and, of course, also its "position" (red or green). If you specify 0 as a turnout address, then you insert a pause in the processing of that route. The length of this pause is set by SO #451 and is in 50 millisecond increments; the default value is 20, i.e., 1 second. The SOs (Special Options) can be accessed and edited via the main configuration menu of the IB.

During execution of a route, the second row changes to X YY, where X specifies the Group #(1,2 or.3), YY the route #(1 through 16) and the " " is rotated in order to give you a hint about route processing. The default is to process a route at a rate of one switch command each 0.50 seconds (this is controlled by SO #450 (50 ms units)).

To select a group or to "program" a route you have to:

- press [menu] while in MEMO mode;

- you can now select the Group # (and press [Enter]) or you can jump to the right over the "Prog" field and press [Enter];

- this shall let you select the route # (within the current group);

- after selecting the route # (and pressing [Enter]), you'll be able to edit it. The display shall show something like this:

GrX|Step Addr RG

RYY| 0 - -

You can now select a Step # and specify what turnout address should be switched and to what "position" (R = red, G = green). You specify a "jump" to another route by selecting "9XYY" as a turnout address - i.e. "9" plus the Group # plus the Route #. You specify a pause by selecting 0 as a turnout address.

You exit route editing either by pressing [menu] (as usual) or by pressing [] while on the Step field - what shall get you back to route # selection. A further [] from this point shall put you back to Group # selection.

While a route is being processed no other route can be started, nor "requested".

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