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FRED: The hand-held walk-around controller

The FRED (FREMO Einfacher Dreheregler = FREMO simple throttle) is a tethered additional loco control device to be used with the Intellibox, the Fleischmann TWIN-CENTER or any Command Station featuring a LocoNet interface.

FRED works in conjunction with your existing Intellibox.  It connects to your Intellibox via a 6-wire phone cable.  A 2-meter (6-foot) coiled cable is included, but I can provide you with a custom-made cable of virtually any length.

Briefly: FRED is basically a hand-held controller that lets you walk around your layout while enabling you to control your engines. Support is provided for up to 4 different engines; the specific engines are programmed from the Intellibox.  Your existing Intellibox probably already has built-in support for FRED.  If not, it can be updated from Uhlenbrock's web site for free to include this functionality.

FRED, as stated above, provides control for up to 4 engines simultaneously, as well as their 4-functions (lights, smoke, TELEX, etc.). It plugs into the rear of your Intellibox or IB-Control. By using "splitters", multiple FRED units can be accommodated on your layout.

  FRED is the perfect addition to your existing Intellibox layout.  

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